Premium 220gsm Waterproof Polyester Matte Canvas Roll For Canon/HP/Epson Printers

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Premium 220gsm Waterproof Polyester Matte Canvas Roll For Canon/HP/Epson Printers

This is an acid-free 100% polyester matte inkjet canvas. The surface of this canvas features a matte bright white, exceptionally high Dmax and wide color gamut for high quality reproduction prints, fine art reproduction and photographic applications.

Media Type Printable Polyester Canvas Roll
Base Material 100% Polyester
Coating One Sided Coated
Gram 220gsm, Also 220gsm Available
Print Surface Waterproof Matte
Support Ink Aqueous Ink (Pigment And Dye Ink)
Usual Roll Width 24Inch, 36Inch, 42Inch, 44Inch, 50Inch, 60Inch etc (OEM Service Available)
Roll Length 30 Meters Per Roll
Core Size 2Inch or 3Inch
Compatible Printer Suit For Canon, HP etc or Other Brand Aqueous Ink Based Printer
Application Poster, Fine Art, Photography etc
Free Sample Size A4 Sheet or 24"x3m Small Roll
Sample Delivery Air Freight, Like FedEx, UPS, DHL, TNT etc)
Packing Box + Carton + Pallet
Bulk Order Delivery Sea Shipping or Air Freight
Lead Time About 3 – 5 Days After Payment

Quick Information:

Printing Canvas Gram: 220gsm
Surface Finish: Bright White Matte Printing Surface
Waterproof: Yes, 100% Waterproof
Ink Printing: Best For Pigment And Dye Ink printing
Application: Wide format Inkjet Printing, like Canon, Epson, HP, etc Plotter
Package: One roll per box, pallet packing, neutral packing style usually; Customized OEM accepted.

Feature & Advantage:

1) Stretched Canvas
2) Water resistance & Instant dry
3). Bright White Printing Surface
4) Superb photographic image quality and consistency
5) Heavy weight look and feel of real photograph
6) Excellent compatibility with all good quality pigment and dye based on inkjet printers
7) Directly factory source and OEM service is accepted
Production Line And Usage Instruction1. 220gsm Matte Inkjet Canvas Production Process: 2. Use Instruction:
1). It is recommend to condition the 220gsm matte polyester aqueous ink inkjet canvas roll in the normal printing environment for 24 hours before printing. While printing, care must be taken to modify the print file to suit the ink limit of the media.

2). This canvas roll should be printed on within the specified ink limit. Exceeding the ink limit can lead to longer drying time bleeding and Low resolution.

3). Printed media should be thoroughly dried before rolling-up transport to avoide ink smearing.

4). A fresh pair of gloves should be used while handing the bare media to avoid sweat, grease and oil transfer on to the media that could interfere with the print quality.

5). Lacquering of the printed media with a clear UV stabilised lacquer is recommended for production. Please allow adequate drying time of the print before lacquering. It can have an image with long life expectancy.

6). When not in use, the media should be stored in its original packing in a vertical position.
Packing & Delivery

Sample Packing & Delivery:

1). Sample Size: A4 Sheet or 24"x3m Small Roll 2). Packing: One Roll Per Box With Transparent Bag
A4 Sheet Will be Packed in Plastic Bag
3). Delivery: Air Freight, Like FedEx, UPS, TNT etc or Sea
4). Lead Time: About 1 – 2 Days After Payment

Formal Order Packing & Delivery:

1). One Roll Per Box With Transparent Bag & End Cape2). Four Rolls Inkjet Canvas Per Outer Carton
3). Pallet Packing (Normally, 2000 Square Meters Per Pallet Packing, But There is No Strict Demands
4). Lead Time: About 5 – 7 Days After Payment
Company Profile

About Our Company:

Imatec Digital is a specialized professional supplier for large format printing industry, dedicated with supplying complete Inkjet media, Inks solution, accessories, and technical support for Canon iPF, for Epson Stylus Pro & SureColor, for HP Designjet, and for Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, for both Indoor and Outdoor applications.

Key Words About Us:

1. Positioning high-end markets' standards
2. Source-chain management supplier
3. Certified Trade Assurance supplier
4. Fast respond rate
5. Quality-oriented company
Our AdvantagesDedicated with one-stop Source-chain Management, Imatec has always carried out the most considerate Services to clients all around the world. Working as a High-end Solution provider has been the position of Imatec.FAQQ: Do you have the polyester matte canvas roll samples to provide? Is it free of charge?
A: Yes. We provide samples for free of charge, with freight collection. The samples can be both sheet size and small roll

Q: How about the goods package? Is the customized OEM packing & logo accepted?
A: Usually with neutral packing. One roll per box, with pallet. Also, OEM packing is available for free. You need just inform us your logo & packing information in details. We will do it for you.

Q: How much the freight would be?

A: It depends on your area, we used TNT/FedEx/DHL for samples, sea-shipping for bulk quantity order. But cost-saving and fast efficiency can be guaranteed.

Q: Is there any discount for large quantity?
A: Yes, definitely. It will be depending upon what you ordered, and how many it is ordered. Our discount support is always open for you.

Q: What is the lead time for delivery?
A: Usually 3-7 days after payment (deposit). This time includes production time, and testing time before leaving factory.

Q: Is there any policy for the problem goods?
A: Yes, if the quality problem caused by us, please contact with our sales directly, and we will take all the cost, and replace
you new one; if the product problem is caused by customers, then customers will take the costs for new one. We don't accept any unreasonable return back.

Any product-related questions please consult our sales or technician. We'll try out best to help you out.

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