550g 650g 750g awning fabric canvas waterproof tarpaulin manufacture pvc coated fabric

Company Profile FEICHENG HENGFEGN PLASTIC CO., LTD. Feicheng Hengfeng Plastic Co., Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise, which specializes in researching, developing and manufacturing plastic products, such as PVC Laminated Fabric, PVC Coated Fabric, PVC Coated Canvas Fabric, PVC Sound Barrier Sheet, PVC Waterproof Tarpaulin, PVC Fireproof Tarpaulin, PVC Fireproof Safety Net, PVC Truck Cover, HDPE Geocell, Geonet. Customer visit Exhibition Specification PVC Coated Fabric
PVC Coated Fabric is made of High-strength Polyester Mesh Fabric and Coated with PVC. The fabric has functions of Waterproof, Flame Retardant, UV Resistant. The fabric can be widely used in Truck Covers, Sunshades, Side Curtain, Tents and some inflatable materials.

250D/22X19, 250D/22X22, 250D/24X24, 250D/36X36
500D/20X20, 500D/22X22, 500D/24X24, 500D/36X36
840D/18X18, 840D/18X20
1000D/16X16, 1000D/18X18, 1000D/20X20, 1000D/23X23, 1000D/30X30
1300D/16X16, 2000D/12X12
Thickness0.25mm-1.0mm (±0.02mm)
FeaturesWaterproof, Flame Retardant, Tear Resistant, UV Resistant, Cold Resistant
Surface TypeGlossy/Matte
ColorCustomized Color
Product advantages
1. Excellent waterproof performance,anti-permeable ≥10MPa
2. Obvious mildew proofing and inflame retarding properties,flame retardant ≤10 seconds
3. Anti-corrosion including:acid-resistance,alkaline-resistance,brine-resistance,
4. Heat resistance and be able to suitable to open-air natural conditions.
5. Good low-temperature flexibility,it can’t be fractured by pliers at -30℃.
6. Minimal absorption,drying quickly after the rain without adding weight as well as convenient in usage.
7. Heat combined by high frequency,which guaranteed water-tightness and not to crack.
8. Light weight,500-800 grams per square meter.

PRODUCT APPLICATIONTo be used as all kinds of PVC Tarpaulins;To be used as Truck Covers, Boat Covers, Lumber Covers, Steel Covers;To be used as Air Duct for delivering hot and cold air;To be used as Tent materials;To be used as Inflatable materials. Certifications Product packaging Rolls Packaging+Craft paper

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