Supply 18ct cross stitch cloth cotton aida fabric Wholesale Cotton embroidery canvas fabric

Product Description Specification

Supply TypeIn-Stock Items
Material100% Cotton
TypeCanvas Fabric
UseHome Textile
Product nameEmbroidery Fabric
Usagecross stitch
PackingRoll+pp Bag+carton Box
Place of OriginChina
Fabric100 %cotton
Packing & Delivery To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided. Company Profile Hebei Yalin Arts & Crafts Co.,Ltd. is engaged in DIY handicraft for many years of business, was established in August 2007, we have professional and technical research development, production and folk handicrafts, the products have been the vast number praise fromconsumers. We begin the exploration and development of cross stitch field from the beginning of 2007, based on the specific characteristics of this industry, from the beginning of 2006 the company developed a "Build Yalin cross stitch business national chain stores" plan, because we believe that personalized industry must have the personality of the business strategy to undefeated, we strive to do that every franchise is a "DIY cross stitch center" in the local, so we continue to improve production technology, and constantly develop source rich library, and to research and development and production of handicraft raw materials, have the courage to explore the unknown areas of the industry, the transverse joint several brothers and enterprises, the original accessories joint development and production, in 2007 the company introduced the raw material and process of the French high quality embroidery thread, then the company steadily to the industry characteristics, technical specialization, production and supply of large-scale enterprise development, improve the supply capacity, to lay the foundation for a domestic professional cross stitch wholesale supply base.In 5 August, 2010 our company successfully obtained SARL Francaise Du Groupe International de Broderie Royale, the French royal embroidery Ua International Group Limited RoyalBroderie embroider series (R series), the right of Chinese to the exclusive agent, this is following the international brand DMC embroider series domestic and a formal channels, and reasonably priced high-end cross stitch products, the company won the mid R line of domestic packaging privileges, so far the French RoyalBroderie embroider line officially settled in our company, we have efforts to present R line has been sold to Britain, America, Dubai and many other countries and regions and the domestic various provinces, officially settled in R brand more inspired Yalin people fight confidence and morale, we will continue to further the consolidation of R embroider line in domestic and international market, continue to expand and improve R line production and sales of a new field, and strive to be the world famous brand R embroider line.In addition the company independent brand JMG (Jin Meigui / Golden Roses) brand mid-range embroiderseries have achieved preliminary results in production, sales, the current market range widening, gratifying achievements.In addition to the production and supply of spiraea products cross stitch cloth also has from single to nearly 20 kinds of popularity as well as the construction of diversified category.The company holds a registered trademark Janemax is a cross stitch brand package products, currently set to chain management since the package brand trademark, Janemax Jane Beaux Arts boutique package is my company to build and R & D and production of the product suite based on French R embroider line domestic exclusive agent, with nearly 10 years of manual production experience and a number of high-end design and management personnel, in the massive fine pattern and high-quality raw materials, to create the brand, and vigorously promote the Jaime art package from the distribution of franchise business model, broad market prospects and determines the feasibility of the mode, since the distribution chain is for the purpose of the new mode, joint venture production make the specification, the most professional package products to meet the market demand, so as to ensure the steady growth of joined around the agents, truly.

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