400T Semi-Dull 100% Polyester Taffeta water proof fabric

Product Description

This fabric is a 400T Semi-Dull 100% Polyester Taffeta water proof fabric

* Graceful color.
* Soft,Flat and Smooth.

* No shrink.
* Easy to wash.
* Fast dry.

Product Type:Polyester Taffeta
Feature:Tear-Resistance, Waterproof, Other
Texture: Smooth
Feelings:Pretty good
Certifications Our Company

About us:

In 2006, the company was established, and to become "the forerunner of the fabric industry" as the development vision of the enterprise.
In 2009, through system certification, the company obtained the qualification of C&A designated fabric supplier.
In 2010, the connotation of corporate culture and the road of brand development had been further clarified.
In 2011, the company had established a number of fabric brands and successfully promoted them in the domestic market, with sales hitting a record high.

In 2013, the company invested in the construction of the factory, covering an area of 67 thousands square meters, supporting facilities 5000 sets, to achieve the integration of production and trade.
In 2016,through the efforts of all parties, the company had successfully opened up the international market and cooperated with Korean E-LAND,BANG BANG and other famous brands.
In 2018,in order to expand international business better, an international business department has been set up separately with export volume reaching US$15 million.
In 2019,in response to the call of "Confidence in Textiles"call, the company applied to join the Oeko-Tex Standard100.

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Q:What kind of fabric is polyester taffeta?
A:Polyester Taffeta is made of polyester silk or emulation silk. It is a kind of pure polyester thin fabric. It looks bright and feels smooth. Its specification has 190T, 210T, 230T and so on. on the market it is finished fabric commonly.
Q:How to wash the polyester taffeta fabric?
A:1, Pour the detergent into the normal temperature water first, soak for about 10 minutes, can also be rubbed on the gentle transparent soap, when washing, gently pat and rub, after gently pressure out of sewage, do not scrub.

    2. After washing, look for a clean and big towel to absorb water absorption, the more dry the better, or put it in the washing machine dehydration, do not force twist dry.

   3. Pull it flat after dehydration, and it can be hung in a cool and ventilated place. If it is put under the sun, it should not be exposed too long, the colour will fade. Do not put it in the bathroom to dry.

   4. Water temperature should be controlled under 35℃, can not be soaked in detergent for a long time, to prevent fading. Ironing temperature is below 120℃,in order to maintain bright colours. It is best to hang clothes in the shade.

Q:What is it mainly used for?
A:Polyester Taffeta used for jacket, down jacket, umbrella,sportswear,chair cover, all kinds of high-grade garment lining and other products.

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Why choose us

1,Q: Are you a factory or trading company?
A: We are manufacture. We have a good system with professional team of workers , trade salesmen and inspectors. Now we have already exported to parts of Europe and Asia.
2,Q: What is your main products?
A: We focus on fabrics. Mainly on down jacket fabrics, Women's and children's wear fabrics.
3,Q: How to get a sample?
A: Please contact our custom service to offer your detail request, we will prepare free hangers for you. For the first-time cooperation, the postage charge would be by customer's account. After you placing orders, we will send free samples by our account.
4,Q: What’s your advantage?
A: (1) competitive price
     (2) Professional and Efficient
     (3) punctual delivery time
     (4) Trade assurance agreement & 24H/7D After sales services.
     (5) direct, timely and accurate information transmission
5,Q: How long to deliver the products?
A: The exact delivery date is according to your style and quantity. Usually within 30 working days after receiving the deposit.

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