Japan water repellency Industrial non-woven fabric Antifouling

Products Description Water- and oil-repellent non-woven fabricThis product is a non-woven fabric with water and oil repellency.By applying fluorine processing to the synthetic fiber non-woven fabric, it is possible to add a function that does not impair the breathability of the non-woven fabric and does not allow water or oil to soak into it.
This water and oil repellent finish can be applied to any non-woven fabric.
We can meet your variety of requests such as custom-made and collaborated development.

Product NameWater- and oil-repellent non-woven fabric
Brand Name Oil resistant paper
Place of OriginJapan
Features・ Excellent water and oil repellency ・ Antifouling property ・ Safety

Actual usage example

Food packaging material (Castella・ Baumkuchen)

Assumed applications

・ Food packaging material (water repellent / oil repellent)・ Food packaging material (prevents peeling)・ Blind curtain (antifouling property)・ Industrial base material (prevention of strike-through of coating resin layer)Japanese umbrella ・ Lamp shade

Thickness to be manufactured

From 70μm to 200μm  (Please contact us) Company Profile HIROSE PAPER produce and sell high performance wet laid non-woven fabric for industrial use based on many variety of synthetic fiber such as polyester, polyolefin, vinylon, polyphenylene sulfaside(PPS) etc, and. And, Smartphones that is already familiar to us recently, also contain the non-woven fabric that HIROSE produced, as a material. Our technique for producing wet laid non-woven fabric, has strength in our know-how and flexibility for conjoining materials that is able to satisfy client’s needs. And, we have technique for producing non-woven fabric with high homogeneity and high quality formation, therefor we could produce the most light non-woven fabric in the world, it weighs 2g/m2. Details Images

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