Luggage Bag Fencing Costumes High Strength Abrasion Tear Wear UHMWPE Cut Resistant Fabric For Clothing



Product Features:

Today's application conditions for fabrics are extremely challenging, so there is a growing need for tougher and more durable functional fabrics. In many industries, fabrics should be durable, wear-resistant, cut-resistant. The growing demand for greater efficiency and realization technology is also putting increasing pressure on many aspects of the fabric industry. To meet these needs, a dedicated team works daily to find new fabric solutions, relying on UHMWPE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fiber fabrics for cutting-edge cloth applications.

• Very low water absorption

• Good insulation properties
• High strength and tear resistance
• Low density, light weight (density is less than water, <1 g/cm3)
• Moderate mechanical strength, rigidity, good creep resistance and good machinability
• High wear resistance: wear resistance, low friction coefficient
• Resistant to low temperatures



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